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If you don't need 25 chicks from a hatchery or you need a deal on bulk poultry like guinea fowl, turkey poults, geese, ducks, quail, or pheasants,  you are in the right place. We only have a minimum order of 15 chicks and most of our bulk poultry has basically free shipping(Bantams start shipping in April for their safety and well being unless you order 25).


Every purchase made with us, is helping someone else with our Elderly Eggs program.

Welcome and thank you for visiting American Homestead Institute! We are a group of family farms, not just a .com ran by some guy in a condo in the heart of a large city somewhere. We, as families, enjoy getting our hands dirty and thrive on the unique experiences in handling each of our birds. We have some of the best baby chicks online and some of the best bloodlines for productionpets, and for show. We take pride in and enjoy raising our flocks personally. Our partners do as well. In fact most of our partners have been breeding for over 20 years. We care about our animals and we never mass produce any chicks for a quick buck.

We know the joys and benefits of raising barnyard poultry. We hope to share what we know with you, while enriching your lives with unique experiences of your own. Whether you are looking to start or replenish a flock, set up a homestead, have a hobby farmeat fresh eggs and meat, or are just a chicken enthusiast that likes to say "my pet chicken" we would love to assist you with any and all of your poultry needs.

Don't forget to look at our other products as well. New items are add regularly.  

Happy shopping and Good luck, with your future flock, from all of us here 

an American Homestead Institute.


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